with Karmy B. Smith

We help women-led brands attract their ideal client and increase their revenue with our 4-step brand development process through strategy, branding and web design. 

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KBSM is a service-based business dedicated to elevating and monetizing brands to its highest potential by strategically implementing strategy, design and visibility into its core development. With an undeniably successful proven track record – KBSM’s signature process is unmatched. Here at KBSM, we believe in your business’s probability and provide efficient and effective strategies guaranteed to deliver beneficial results.

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"By implementing the marriage of quality service and uniquely curated designs - I afford service-based businesses the opportunity to attract their ideal client through strategy and brand design."

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Sharita Bilson,
Grace Place Therapy LLC

I truly appreciate Karmy. The communication was excellent. The turn around time was excellent. Following my vision was excellent. KBS Multimedia operates in excellence and I love it!

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Dorisa Parker,
The Authentic Process LLC

I began this process very nervous but the experience has been amazing and the outcome is amazing. Karmy was attentive and listened to the vision of my business and brought great results for us. 


Eve Geiggar,
Manifest Her LLC

I have worked with Karmy and I genuinely love her spirit and the professionalism she brings. She has helped elevate my brand in ways I couldn't have done alone.